Zoom SHIFTS II by Dan Burke - Digital Album

SHIFTS II by Dan Burke - Digital Album

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Immerse yourself in the tranquil soundscape of Brighton's idyllic countryside and the coastal setting of Dan's hometown of Brighton, UK. "Shifts II" is a captivating blend of organic melodies, gentle rhythms and synthetic textures, weaving together the natural beauty of the area.

Against a backdrop of the shifting seasons, each track is a journey through the rolling hills of the downs, echoing woodlands, and the ever-present pull of the ocean deep, offering a moment of peace and reflection in a chaotic world. Whether you're reminiscing about walks along the shore or seeking solace in nature's embrace, this album is a soothing companion to your day.

Track List:
1. Forever
2. Wood
3. Ember
4. Facet
5. Lyra
6. Peak 
7. Pathways

SHIFTS II by Dan Burke - Digital Album



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