Welcome to Golden World Music. A Conscious Music Collective & Record Label founded by Energy Intuitive and Musician Lee Harris. The artists and technicians who collaborate on the projects here share a common perspective that music and sound can heal the soul and expand awareness in the physical world. Come along with us on our path to develop sound into joy.

A Message from our Founder

“Without music, life would be a mistake..” Friedrich Nietzsche

Some may find humour in the above quote from Nietzsche, but the first time I saw it, written on the awning outside a record store in Colorado, I felt a full body ‘YES’ in response. The kind you get when someone expresses a truth you had not yet articulated to yourself, and you have one of those ‘wide awake’ moments, and a bit of excitement runs through your body.

I have always known that music is a magical force. It unites us, moves us and it can have a healing effect that is both powerful and universal; transcending language barriers, bypassing the mind and enlivening or releasing the body. 

As a child and teenager, I was so taken with the music I would get to hear from other countries, people and places thanks to the CD’s, Cassettes and Vinyl records I had access to. Looking back now, I took all that for granted, but I’m so grateful to be born in an era where recorded music is part of our lifetime. These days, I’m as passionate about creating music as I am a listener. 

The 21st century ushered in another brand new era for music, thanks to the internet providing a landscape for musicians to independently reach listeners. I was one of those, and I launched Golden World Music back in 2009, as a personal record label. 

I continued sporadically releasing music through the next decade, collaborating with wonderful artists along the way, but in 2019, I felt the calling that it was time to commit to music again and in a deeper way. 

Davor Bozic and I had formed a prolific musical partnership by this time, and so, we set to work on the release of many of our own albums.

Then, in summer of 2021, while on a mystical trip to Santa Fe, I got the nudge from spirit that it was time to make Golden World Music more than a personal label. That it could be home to other voices, artists and experiences too. Again, that excitement and full body ‘YES’ came to me.

March 2022 was our official launch month of the Golden World Music label, and we are began by releasing this website, and the beautiful SHIFTS album from Dan Burke. Dan worked with me in the early years of the label on several albums which we co-produced, so it’s a beautiful full circle moment. 

In the years to come, alongside new releases, we will be working towards being a gathering place for those of us who love and celebrate sound and its healing properties. Time will reveal the journey, and we are building it one brick at a time….but you can be certain we will be soundtracking it as we go.

So welcome, we’re happy you and your hearts and ears are here, and we hope the work we release becomes a joyous, soothing and healing part of your life.

Much love,

Lee Harris

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