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Lee’s music is a cosmic blend of pop-infused, melodically rich, heart-opening songs and sound journeys for the soul. Lee effortlessly weaves raw, contemplative and spiritual messages into haunting and soothing multi-layered sonic landscapes. 

Lee’s first studio album, Shapeshifting (2001) began a prolific infusion of new music to the world. His catalogue includes the live EP and video project, Phoenix (2010) and Golden World (2011), both co-produced with multi-instrumentalist, producer and filmmaker Dan Burke.

In 2014, Lee teamed up with Davor Bozic for the creation of Arise. Since then Lee and Davor have collaborated on countless sound healing journeys and in 2020, they released their acclaimed 528Hz album Awaken, which charted at No.2 on the iTunes and Amazon NEW AGE ALBUM charts. Their spoken word and musical albums Transmissions and Transmissions Vol. 2 reached the same chart positions in 2021. And their album I Am Peace released in December of 2021 has garnered critical acclaim as well. 2022 was a creative explosion with the release of 3 singles and the studio album Timelines. And now 2023 has brought us the exciting waterfall release of the all-new remix album, Metamorphs. For more, check out

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At a young age Katy sang along to her parents Tamla Motown 45’s - Aretha, Diana, Gladys. Big soul & gospel voices.
As fate would have it Katy's Auntie Vera was the Studio Manager at the legendary Abbey Road Studios and her love for music grew. She began singing in bands and writing her own music, and an album of her dreams. Working with producers and DJs lead to some successful single releases and a job with a record label. Helping others achieve their ambitions, Katy put her dream album to the periphery.

But she was meant to create, and the love for music wouldn't let her give up. In the Summer of 2020, Katy quit her job and began experimenting with sound healing and channeling energy. This had profound effects on Katy and others, unblocking stuck emotional energy. She began to record her sessions and built a vocal booth in her Nashville home. These sessions became the restorative sound and songs she titled, Medicine Songs (2022). Working with Davor Bozic and Lee Harris, the album has been met with delight, wonder and true healing effects. Her new single "Ley Lines" (2023) is a beautifully rich connective spell that enchants the listener toward oneness.

Katy turned 50 in March of 2022 and finally made the album she was meant to make. She said, "I know if I’d made it before, it would not have been what it was supposed to be." For more, check out

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With a distinguished career spanning more than 30 years, Davor is a celebrated Slovenian artist whose work extends from pop music to television and theatre. In addition to his work as a singer/songwriter, composer, and producer, Davor starred in TV Slovenia’s most popular family sitcom for 17 years.

First meeting in 2012 at the Crimson Circle Midsummer conference in Vienna, Austria Lee and Davor quickly discovered their shared love of music. This passion lead to their first album collaboration, Arise, which was released in 2014. A spark of creative synergy between Davor and Lee caught fire and has brought on the full length albums, Awaken (2020), Transmissions (2021), Transmissions Vol. 2 (2021), I Am Peace (2021), (Timelines 2022) along with countless other projects. Tuning their compositions to 528Hz, or the 'Love Frequency', has transformed the music into a truly original and complex healing formula that is garnering admiration and accolades across the globe.

2022 was an especially creative explosion with the release of 3 covers - 'The Deer's Cry', 'Running Up That Hill', and 'Gulls' leading up to Lee & Davor's all-new original album Timelines which is available on vinyl, CD and digitally. 2023 has been no different with the exciting waterfall release of the all-new remix album, Metamorphs, which is available now in the store.

Alongside his work in music, Davor is a trained psychotherapist with a counseling office in Ljubljana where he works with individuals, couples, groups, and children.

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Musician and artist Dan Burke records all of his music from his studio nestled in the seaside town of Brighton, UK.

Studying music from an early age, it has taken him around the world playing with various projects spanning an eclectic range of styles. His original compositions are inspired by the pastoral English psychedelic pop of 'The Milk and Honey Band', the adrenaline-fueled heavy rock of 'The Dead Celebs', the dark and ghostly folk musings of 'Oddfellows Casino' and the heartbreakingly exquisite songs of 'Astrid Williamson'.

In 2010, Dan collaborated with Lee Harris on the live EP Phoenix, and they co-produced the inspiring Golden World album the following year.

Dan teaches and composes from his Brighton home and enjoys a creative lifestyle of live performances, photography and filmmaking.  

His ethereal soundscapes echo the gentle salt breezes set above the dark ocean swell and take inspiration from the slowly evolving coastline. 

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