Timelines (Official Music Video)

NEW | The title track from Lee & Davor's ALL-NEW album, TIMELINES!

Running Up That Hill (Official Lyric Video)

NEW | Lee & Davor cover the SMASH HIT from Kate Bush - 37 years after it's official release.

You Are Divine (Official music video)

NEW | 'You Are Divine' featuring Lee Harris is the second single from "Medicine Songs", the new album from Katy Samwell.

Hold the Frequency Of Love (Official music video)

NEW | 'Hold the Frequency of Love' is the first single from "Medicine Songs", the brand-new album from our newest artist, the magical - Katy Samwell.

The Deer's Cry

NEW | Official Music Video



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A wondrous walk through an uncharted soundscape. A gentle salt breeze set above the dark ocean swell. A soul whisper from ancient kin. Dan Burke’s debut LP, SHIFTS, summons indelible feelings of a grounded calm and is the perfect album to soothe your soul.

“SHIFTS, by Dan Burke, is one of my favorite albums. I play it when I want to be soothed or relax, and I’ve played it countless times right before delivering online broadcasts or going out on stage for live events. It resets me and connects me back into higher frequencies every time. We at Golden World Music are delighted to be now partnering with Dan to release SHIFTS into the wider world. Enjoy the ride and the soul medicine contained in this masterful album." - Lee Harris

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Still (Official music video)

NEW | 'Still' appears on Dan Burke's LP 'Shifts'



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