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The Sound of Courage Digital Album

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Purchase the NEW album from Katy Samwell, "The Sound of Courage" via digital download/MP3. This powerhouse album is the musical manifestation of Katy's dreams, experiences, and relationships. Katy guides us through a love-infused journey, traversing her musical roots in the blues, funk and soul music, all the way to her days creating energetic dance anthems in the club scene. The narrative of The Sound of Courage encapsulates a sense of completion for Katy, a coming full circle as she blends her early inspirations with spirited remixes that invite you to dance your heart out!

Track List:

1. The Way Out
2. Ley Lines
3. Breathe Out
4. The Mirror
5. Grief (Show Me The Way)
6. The Way Out (Dance Mix)
7. The Mirror (Beats Mix)
8. Breathe Out (Momentology Mix)

The Sound of Courage Digital Album



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