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Zoom Transmissions Digital Album

Transmissions Digital Album

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*Includes PDF download of the 20 page lyric booklet

We designed TRANSMISSIONS to be a cosmic sound journey for your mind, body, and soul. 

Each track invites you to deepen your connection with an aspect of your life, opening new possibilities in your inner and outer worlds.

The music is tuned to the healing frequency of 528 Hz, which brings transformation, increases love energy, heightens awareness, and activates creativity and inner peace.

May TRANSMISSIONS bring you whatever you need for the next chapter of your life with each listen and may it remind you how beautiful you and this world of ours truly are. And how VAST you are.

With love,

Lee and Davor


This album was born out of Lee's Transmissions 2020 online course (so those of you who took the course will already have access to these MP3 versions of the music there). But Lee and Davor felt called to release the album into the wider world, and this offering is the result.


Track list:

1. Flow 
2. Time
3. Peace
4. Space
5. Play

Total running time: 50:55 minutes 

Transmissions Digital Album



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